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Perry Barr station and bus interchange

Perry Barr railway station

Perry Barr railway station

We’ve invested £30.9 million to redevelop Perry Barr station and bus interchange. This is part of the West Midlands Rail Programme (WMRP). 

The new railway station is now open and the bus interchange is due to be completed ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

The project has created a modern, fit-for-purpose new rail station. The new bus interchange will have enhanced shelters and a better layout. The project is also improving the area around the station.   

This work is also providing:

  • increased capacity 
  • better facilities and access

This is supporting the Perry Barr regeneration programme led by Birmingham City Council. It is also supporting the council’s ambitions for a greener future by providing a realistic alternative to travelling by car.

The new station will be used for the Commonwealth Games in 2022. Alexander Stadium in Perry Barr will host the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the athletics.

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The challenge - why we're doing this

Perry Barr station was rebuilt in the 1960s when the railway line was electrified. The old station was designed to accommodate up to 250,000 journeys per year. Between 2018 and 2019, passengers made just under 700,000 journeys. 

The previous station had poor access. There was a narrow entry between shops and there were no lifts. The station lacked facilities - there were no toilets and there was no bike parking. There was an underpass that connected the station to the east of the A34. People did not think the underpass was safe. 

The bus interchange was outdated and difficult to access from the station. Pedestrians had to cross several traffic lanes to reach it. The old road layout also meant it took a long time for buses to access the interchange.

The solution - what the project will do

We demolished the old station and the buildings next to it. This meant we could build a new, much bigger station with improved lighting and facilities. The new station is able to support 1.1 million passengers per year.

The new station building has:

  • an accessible toilet
  • passenger help points
  • a ticket office
  • secure bike parking
  • CCTV
  • lifts and upgraded stairs

There are new entrances on both sides of the station. This makes it easier to get to. It also links the One Stop Shopping Centre and local commercial centre to the railway. 

The area around the station is changing. It is becoming safer and more attractive. The project will: 

  • improve the public area outside the station with landscaping
  • remove the underpass
  • encourage more people to get the train instead of driving

The new bus interchange will have:

  • a much better layout so buses can get to it more quickly
  • new and enhanced bus shelters
  • a new stop for cross city services
  • a new pedestrian area between the interchange, train station and One Stop

The Perry Barr regeneration programme also includes:

  • new homes
  • walking and cycling routes
  • improvements to public transport
  • new community facilities and public spaces

Our partners

We’re working on this project with: 

  • Transport for West Midlands
  • West Midlands Trains (operators of West Midlands Railway)
  • Network Rail
  • Birmingham City Council
  • Midlands Engine
  • Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership
  • Galliford Try
  • SLC-AECOM Joint Venture