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West Midlands Grand Railway Collaboration

A woman sitting on a bench at a train station

We are members of the West Midlands Grand Railway Collaboration (GRC), which launched in 2019.  

The GRC was set up to improve rail services. It is a partnership between all the organisations involved in rail in the West Midlands. The members are: 

The chair of the GRC is Alex Warner, who is a rail industry and customer service professional.

What the GRC does

Our regional rail network is complex, with lots of different train operators. The GRC gives it a governance structure. 

As a cross-industry working group, the GRC is essential. We will work together to help attract people back to rail after the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll also make the most of the opportunity to showcase our railway during the 2022 Commonwealth Games. 

Our current priorities are to: 

  • provide a safe regional rail network 
  • assess what the network needs in future
  • make sure timetables meet customer needs
  • ensure a consistent customer experience across the West Midlands 
  • improve connections with other modes of transport, making it easier for customers to complete their journey

We work with organisations outside the rail industry to help support socio-economic growth. 

Our plans for 2021 to 2022 are to: 

  • rework the train timetable together to improve performance, connectivity and value for money
  • support post-pandemic recovery and get people back on trains in the West Midlands
  • understand our customers and integrate with other modes of transport
  • improve the experience of rail employees and make them feel like part of a bigger team
  • provide safe, reliable and efficient transport for the Commonwealth Games