West Midlands Rail Investment Strategy

We are pleased to publish our Rail Investment Strategy 2018-2047. The thirty year Strategy sets out the West Midlands Rail Executive's (WMRE's) short, medium and long term ambitious plans to provide improved rail services and stations across the region.

The Strategy has been produced by the WMRE in collaboration with Midlands Connect, the Department for Transport and the wider rail industry. It has been finalised following a period of public and stakeholder consultation. We would like to thank those who took the time and trouble to respond to our consultation. We carefully considered all the responses and welcome the strong support we received. As a result of the feedback, we have made some changes to our final document and this has now been approved by the West Midlands Rail Executive Board.

We are now pleased to confirm that the final version has now been published.

We now look forward to working with partners and stakeholders as we develop our plans for delivering the exciting proposals outlined in the Strategy.